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Since 1998, Soft Masters has been developing and delivering financial and specialized business management systems for small, medium and large enterprises. Soft Masters specializes in the development and implementation of modules that can be integrated in one system or working as standalone. Over the years, we have developed unique expertise in the analysis, design and development of software modules for firms with highly specialized needs, where customizing existing systems is not sufficient.

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Our design and development teams have solid background in accounting and finance.
Business solutions can be developed easily based on our accounting knowledge.


Our team has acquired a solid expertise in designing any solution and developing it using the most recent technologies


We offer online live support into very competitive delays.



In-depth initial assessment of user needs before developing a solution.

Case study analysis to adapt the solution to the users’ needs.

System implementation, training and follow up.



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النتائج الكاملة لانتخابات لبنان النيابية 2022 مفصلة بحسب القلم Full Lebanese Parliamentary Elections (2022) detailed Results Click to download a sample



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We would like to certify that "SOFT MASTERS" is our payroll software provider. The system is flexible and user-friendly software, it proved to be reliable and well maintained in terms of data integrity, r endered support and maintenance response time. We are satisfied from the maintenance and support provided efficiently by SoftMasters.

SOFT MASTERS is the provider of our payroll software system ‘Jad-Payroll’ since 2017.
The system is parametrized, flexible and friendly user. It proved to be reliable and our finance department relies on its reports to make their declarations to the official authorities.
SOFT MASTERS insures an efficient support to our team when needed. They implement and setup all modifications on payroll laws very quickly.

SOFT MASTERS is our Management Information Systems Developers since 2003. They have developed for us a web-enabled MIS ‘FORS’ that covers all aspects of our business procedures including both training and financial aspects. SOFT MASTERS keeps applying enhancements and modifications on the system as per our needs and business changes. They have, lately, added a feature that integrates our new e-commerce website to ‘FORS’ database via APIs. The system is flexible, friendly user and all our staff is very satisfied in working with it as well as the support provided to them.

SOFT MASTERS is one of our Management Information Systems Developers since year 2000. They have developed for us accounting, fixed assets and payroll systems. The accounting system is linked to our Hotel Management system from where it imports our hotel transactions. The payroll system is linked to our Human Resources system from where it imports the attendance data. SOFT MASTERS have developed the integration procedures in a high level and professional way. All the systems are flexible, user friendly and our staff is very satisfied.

SOFT MASTERS is the provider of our payroll software system ‘Jad-Payroll’ since 1998. The system is flexible, friendly user and all our staff is very satisfied when using it. The system proved to be reliable and well maintained in terms of data integrity, rendered support and maintenance response time.

SOFT MASTERS is our Business Software Provider since year 2006. The developed software ‘FORS’ covers managerial and financial aspects of our business. The maintenance and support rendered by SOFT MASTERS firm is very efficient which makes us highly satisfied of this relationship.

Soft Masters is one of our software providers since 2013. They have developed a software system currently in use at ‘Orange Cote d’Ivoire’: QUICK PAY. QUICK PAY manages the payment workflow and financial accounting, among other things. QUICK PAY is a robust, intuitive and user-friendly system. Our team is satisfied with the reliability and usability of the system, as well as with the quality of the remote technical support provided by Soft Masters, as they respond quickly and effectively whenever we need for support.

Since 2012, we use an expense management application developed by SOFT MASTERS: QUICKPAY. It covers the employee’s expenses payments via a workflow of validations. Recently, a module has been added to allow a third party automatic payment. Interfaced with SAP, QUICKPAY has simplified the management of employee expenses accounts. We also benefit from a constant, efficient Soft Masters assistance when needed.

تفيد ادارة المركز التربوي للبحوث والانماء ان شركة سوفت ماسترز قد قامت بتنفيذ دراسة وتطوير ومتابعة وصيانة نظام الاحصاء التربوي الشامل CASE لصالح المركز وذلك اعتباراً من 2016.

مشيرين الى أن CASE هو نظام ويب يشمل مجموعة برامج لادارة احصاءات تخص بيانات المدارس والمعلمين والتلامذة في كافة المدارس الرسميّة والخاصة في لبنان، كما أضيف اليه مؤخرا برنامج الحصول على المعلومات من المدارس عن حاجتها الى الكتاب المدرسي الوطني، وبرنامج عن متابعة التحصيل العلمي.

The National Bloc has used the software SOFTELEC to manage its electoral machine and the whole elections process of 2022. SOFTELEC is a robust, intuitive, flexible and user-friendly system covering all aspects of an electoral machine. The provider, SOFT MASTERS, has insured a high level of professionalism and dedication during the whole elections period. They showed a deep knowledge in the elections procedures and milestones. Our staff was very satisfied in working with them. They provided a first-class support.

The collaboration between Soft Masters and TotalEnergies Lebanon started back in 2007.
Soft Masters has led the analysis, development and implementation of several of our tailor made software modules, such as « MOD » for synchronized management of our gas stations, « 10Patch » for managing of our central warehouse and « NDF » for managing of our employees expenses payments follow-up.
All of these systems have performed reliably and have effectively integrated our SAP data, while being constantly maintained by a competent, efficient support team. These software systems are also easy to operate and serve their intended purposes well; we are very pleased with the outcome.”

SOFT MASTERS is the provider of our production software system ‘PRODIS’ since 2000. It is a tailor made system fully designed and developed to fit our needs in the management of our factory. The system is accurate, reliable and flexible. Soft Masters is offering a prompt support when needed. Our staff is very satisfied when using it.

We, Cabinet Antoine Haddad for accounting and audit, have been using SOFT MASTERS software for accounting and related reports since1995, mainly COMPTA. This software and all its developments are friendly user with tailor made functionalities and adaptations. The efficiency and kindness of the company's team is deeply appreciated. .

إن شركة سوفت ماسترز قد قامت، اعتباراً من سنة 2001، بتزويد مطرانية بيروت وجبيل لطائفة الروم الكاثوليك ببرامج معلوماتية متخصصة لإدارة الرعايا التابعة للأبرشية. تغطي هذه البرامج استمارات العائلات والملفات العمادة والزيجات والوفيات، حيث تم دمج الأرشيف العائد للمطرانية.
تقوم شركة سوفت ماسترز، منذ ذلك الحين، بتأمين خدمات الصيانة والتطوير وكافة الإضافات المطلوبة على البرنامج بشكل مهني رفيح يحظى بتقدير الإدارة والمستخدمين.

Walid Salameh - General Manager
Incoserv S.A.L
Elie Bou Yaghi - General Manager
Antoine Aoun, Chairman and CEO
Chafic Feghali – Area Director of Finance
Gefinor Rotana Hotel
Raya Tamer – Human resource Manager.
G.Tamer holding
Hanna Chalhoub - General Manager
New Horizons
Hamza DRAME – Manager Senior Analytics
Orange Cote d’Ivoire
Adama DOSSO – IT Manager
امّا ابو ديوان - المديرة الاداريّة
المركز التربوي للبحوث والإنماء
Lynn Harfouch – Chief of staff
حزب الكتلة الوطنية
Reina Cullinan - Commercial Director
Totalenergies - Lebanon
Raya Tamer – Human resource Manager
G.Tamer holding
Antoine Haddad - Sworn Auditor
Cabinet Antoine Haddad for Accounting
الأرشمندريت نقولا عبودي - القيم العام الأبرشي
مطرانية بيروت للروم الكاثوليك